Associate Professor

Ph.D. (Business and Commerce) Keio University

YASUDA NaokiAssociate Professor

Ph.D. (Business and Commerce) Keio University

I specialize in the field of identifying the mechanism of corporate behavior called macro-organizational behavior theory and mainly conduct research on organizational learning theory and network theory. I employ a quantitative approach based on data analysis. Recently, I have been conducting research projects such as factors that cause organizational learning failures, factors that promote strategic changes, and knowledge acquisition based on network structures.

Specialized field

Macro organizational behavior theory, Business strategy

Current Position

Department of Business Administration
Graduate School of Business Administration Master's Program
Graduate School of Business Administration Doctoral Program

Educational background

Keio University Faculty of Economics
Keio University Graduate School of Business Administration
Keio University Graduate School of Business and Commerce Doctoral Program

Major Research Achievements

Yasuda, Naoki & Masaaki, Kotabe. 2021. Political Risks and Foreign Direct Investments by MNCs: A Reference Point Approach. Global Strategy Journal, 11(2), 156-184.
Yasuda, Naoki 2019. Why Do MNCs Divest or Retain Foreign Subsidiaries? Approaches from Dependency and Redundancy in Subsidiary Networks "Multinational Enterprise Research" No. 12 pp.1-18.
Yasuda, Naoki & Hitoshi, Mitsuhashi. 2017. Learning from Political Change and the Development of MNCs' Political Capabilities: Evidence from the Global Mining Industry. Management International Review, 57 (5): 749-774.
Jungwon, Min & Naoki Yasuda. 2019. Normalization of Human Errors in Organizations and the Role of Early Disastrous Environments. European Group of Organizational Studies.
Yasuda, Naoki. & Toshimitsu, Ueta. 2019. Forced and Voluntary Divestment by MNCs: Reconfiguration of International Operations. Academy of Management Presentation paper of annual convention

Award Funding

2015~2016 KAKENHI Research Activity Start-up "Empirical research on the survival and withdrawal of overseas subsidiaries"
2017~2019 KAKENHI Young Researcher (B) "Empirical research on the network structure and development of overseas subsidiaries"
2019~2021 KAKENHI Scientific Research (B) Co-Investigator "Proposal and demonstration of performance model by circulation of dual network structure"
2020~2022 KAKENHI Early-Career Scientists "Empirical research on restructuring of overseas subsidiaries"
2021~2025 KAKENHI Scientific Research (B) Co-Investigator "Knowledge creation to manage organizational inertia using multilayered networks"


Naoki Yasuda Chapter 16 "International Capital Movement and Japan's Inward Investment Promotion Policy" "New International Economic Theory" Yachiyoshuppan April 21, 2017

Naoki Yasuda Chapter 7 "Strategic Theory and Its Execution: Management Based on Rationality and Inertia" "Business Design and Business Administration" Soseisha November 20, 2016