AOBUCHI Masayuki

Ph.D. (Business Administration) Meiji University

AOBUCHI MasayukiProfessor

Ph.D. (Business Administration) Meiji University

Specializes in management analysis. We are conducting research on analysis using management indicators using corporate financial data and evaluation of corporate value. As the industrial structure changes due to the rapid development of the information society, it is difficult to explain the actual situation of companies by analysis and evaluation using conventional methods. The challenge is to study new methods for analyzing and evaluating modern companies.

Specialized field

Business analysis, Firm Value Evaluation

Current Position

Department of Business Administration
Graduate School of Business Design Department of Business Design Master's Program
Graduate School of Business Design Department of Business Design Doctoral Program

Educational background

Daito Bunka University Faculty of Economics Department of Business Administration
Graduated from Tokyo International University Graduate School of Commerce Department of Commerce Master's Program Completed
Rikkyo University Graduate School of Economics Department of Economics Master's Program Completed
Tokyo International University Graduate School of Commerce Department of Commerce Doctoral Program Credits Withdrawal

Major Research Achievements

Masayuki Aobuchi (2019) "Changes in the environment surrounding companies and productivity analysis" "Annual Report Management Analysis Research" No. 35, pp.17-25.
Masayuki Aobuchi (2017) "Companies whose company is the largest shareholder" "Study on Shareholder Value", "Industrial Accounting", Vol. 77, No. 2, pp.112-120.
Masayuki Aobuchi (2015) "Study on Transition of Financial Structure in Pharmaceutical Industry", "Analysis", Vol. 188, No. 4, pp.53-66.
Masayuki Aobuchi (2013) "Shareholder Value of Part 2 Listed Companies and Locally Listed Companies" "Rikkyo Business Review" No. 6, pp.63-71.
Masayuki Aobuchi (2011) "Inappropriate Impact of Disclosure of Analytical Treatment on Shareholder Value, "Rikkyo Business Review, No. 4, pp.24-32.

Professional Activities

Japan Hotel and Restaurant Service Development Association (Auditor May 2012-May 2015)
Japan Corporate Housing Service Inc. (currently Sannexta Group) (Outside Director September 2015-September 2019)
Kaneko Foundation for International Cultural Communication (Councilor May 2017-present)
Business Creator Research Society (Vice Chairman April 2017-present)
Nippon Academy of Management (Standing Director June 2021-present)
Japan Academy of Management (Director September 2021-present)
Association for Risk Management System Studies (Director June 2013 -Present)
Japan Economic Accounting Society (formerly Business Analysis Association) (Director May 2005-Present)
La Societe Franco-Japonaise de Gestion (Auditor April 2018-Present)


Edited by Shigeo Aoki, Masayuki Aobuchi, Toshio Kiyomatsu, Tomonobu Watanabe, "The Essential Management Analysis [5th Edition]" Moriyama Bookstore

Japan Business Analysis Society, "New Edition Business Analysis Encyclopedia" Tax Accounting Association

Masato Kamekawa and Masayuki Aobuchi, "Creative Destruction-Inhibitors of Corporate Value-" Gakubunsha