Associate Professor

PhD, Communication Studies (Media Studies), University of Iowa

SCHULES DouglasAssociate Professor

PhD, Communication Studies (Media Studies), University of Iowa

Associate professor of media whose current work focuses on the relationships between media, society, and knowledge. He has written about creative media and fandom, and his recent work focuses on Japanese game ecologies, with a focus on the indie game developer industry in Tokyo. He is currently building an archive to preserve the work of indie game developers in Japan.

Specialized field

Media theory, game industry, communication studies

Current Position

International Business Department of
Business Administration, Graduate School of International Management Department doctoral master's course
Business Administration Graduate School of Business Administration Department of Doctoral Program

Educational background

University of Iowa, Communication Studies (Media Studies)
Syracuse University, Communication and Rhetorical Studies (Rhetoric)
Syracuse University, Linguistic Studies (Language, Culture, and Society)
University of Central Florida, English (Literature)

Major Research Achievements

Schules, Douglas. (Forthcoming). Creating Community in Persona 3: Japanese Role-playing Games as Networked Practice. In Jérémie Pelletier-Gagnon and Rachael Hutchinson (Eds.), Transcultural Approaches to the JRPG: Global Understandings of the Japanese Role-Playing Game. Washington DC: Lexington.
Schules, D. (2021). The Rhetoric of Game Practices: Go and Discursive Control in Tokugawa Japan. Rhetoric Society Quarterly, 51(5), 439-454.
Schules, D (2021). Game Meaning and Message: Go and Nationalism in Modern Japan. In Takuzo Konishi and Kentaro Matsumoto (Ed.), Media and Message-Communication in Society. (pp. 121-140) Tokyo: Nakanishiya Publishing.
Schules, D., Peterson , J., & Picard, M. (2018). Single-Player Computer Role-Playing Games. In J. Zagal & S. Deterding (Eds.), Role-Playing Game Studies: Transmedia Foundations (pp. 117-139) London: Routledge.
Schules, D. (2015). Kawaii Japan: Defining JRPGs through the cultural media mix. Kinephanos, 5, 53-76.

Award Funding

2020 National Communication Association Annual Conference, Top Paper in Game Studies Division

Interview media

Unique game archive methodology presented by "Rikkyo Indie Game Demo"