TSUJI Yosuke

TSUJI YosukeProfessor

My primary research pertains to sport marketing, especially sport sponsorship effectiveness, from a consumer behavioral perspective. Mainly, I aim to clarify sponsorship activities' impacts on corporate branding. My secondary research areas are esports and sports tourism.

Specialized field

Sport Marketing

Current Position

Department of Global Business
Graduate School of Business

Educational background

PhD Texas A&M University, Kinesiology (Sport Management)
MESS University of Florida, Exercise and Sport Sciences (Sport Management)
Bachelor of Law Keio University Faculty of Law Department of Law

Major Research Achievements

Takezawa, N., Tsuji, Y., & Schlueter, C. (2023). Do stadium naming rights announcements impact stock prices: A note on the Japanese experience. Asian Sport Management Review, 17, 17-32.
Zhang, J. C., Byon, K. K., Tsuji, Y., & Pedersen, P. M. (2023). Co-created value influences residents’ support toward the sporting event through the mediating mechanism of gratitude. European Sport Management Quarterly, 23(1), 125-147.
Tsuji, Y., Bizen, Y., & Muneda, M. (2022). Niho no daigaku kyouin no supōtsu manejimento kamoku no jyuyoudo ni kansuru chousa: COSMA no hyoujun karikyuramu kara no kentou. [Faculty perceptions towards sport management classes in Japanese Universities: A COSMA curriculum approach].* Supōtsu Manejimento Kenkyū [Japanese Journal of Sport Management], 14(2), 33-42.
Tsuji, Y. & Schlueter, C. (2021). Brand association with a participant sporting event: The case of the Okinawa Marathon in Japan. In W. Cudny (Ed.), Place event marketing in the Asia Pacific region: Branding and promotions in cities (pp. 77-94). Routledge.
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Award Funding

Japanese Association for Sport Management 2023 Research Encouragement Award
Yosuke Tsuji, Yoshifumi Bizen, Masaya Muneda (2022). Faculty Perceptions Towards Sport Management Classes in Japanese Universities: A COSMA curriculum approach. Japanese Journal of Sport Management 14(2): 33-42.
Japanese Association for Sport Management 2019 Best Paper Award
Junko Deguchi, Yosuke Tsuji, Masayuki Yoshida (2018) Team Identification: Theoretical reexamination. Japanese Journal of Sport Management. 10 (1): 19-40.

Professional Activities

[Editorial Board]
Sports Management Research
Global Sport Business Journal

Interview media

Bogage, J. (2018, September. 4). A Japanese teenager threw 881 pitches over two weeks. Is that abuse? The Washington Post.
What is the effect of sports sponsorship in the age of social media? Sendenkaigi (April 2018 issue)