TANAKA Satoshi
Associate Professor

Ph.D.(Interdisciplinary Information Studies) The University of Tokyo

TANAKA SatoshiAssociate Professor

Ph.D.(Interdisciplinary Information Studies) The University of Tokyo

I am engaged in research to empirically elucidate the growth and breakthroughs of people and businesses in corporate organizations from the standpoint of learning theory. The main research themes are human resource development for management personnel, human resource development / organizational development for new business divisions, experience learning for middle managers, human resource development / career development for middle / senior employees, etc. Since 2018, I have been working on a research project on the effectiveness of leadership development in the first year of university education at the Data Analytics Lab of the College of Business .

Specialized field

Human Resources Management, Teamwork

Current Position

Department of Business Administration
Graduate School of Business Administration Department of Business Administration Master's Program

Educational background

Keio University Faculty of Business and Commerce Graduated
The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies Master's course completed
The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Information Studies Doctoral course completed

Major Research Achievements

Kai Hatano, Shogo Hihara, Megumi Ikeda, Jun Nakahara, Satoshi Tanaka, Kazumi Sugimura. (2022), “Workplace Identity Profiles: Associations with Personality Traits and Work Adaptation of Young Japanese Adults”, Journal of Adult Development, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.
Megumi Ikeda, Kai Hatano, Satoshi Tanaka, Jun Nakahara.(2022), “Validation of the Japanese Version of the Revised Version of the Compound Psychological Capital Scale (CPC-12R)”, Frontier in Psychology, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.
Tanaka, S. (2022), “Effects of goal orientation and unlearning on individual exploration activities”, Journal of Workplace Learning, Vol. 35 No.1, pp.57-74.
Nakano, S., Tanaka, S., Ikeda, M., & Yamauchi, Y. (2021). Evaluation on improvement of social emotional competencies in summer camp focusing on personal characteristics: The case of UWC ISAK Japan's Summer school. Information and Technology in Education and Learning, 1(1), Trans-p004.
Satoshi Tanaka, Megumi Ikeda, Ryohei Ikejiri, Tomoyuki Suzuki, Kaede Kido, Yusuke Tsuchiya, Ryo Imai, Yamauchi Yuhei(2021)"The Effect of Proactive Behavior on Competence Improvement in a Workplace Through Reflection: A Focus on Young Workers in the 20s""Journal of Japan Society for Educational Technology" 44 (1), pp.23-35.

Award Funding

2019 Society Award (Encouragement Research Award), Japanese Association of Administrative Science
2019 Award (Encouragement Award) Japanese Academy of Human Resource Development

Professional Activities

The Japan Society of Human Resource Management Public Relations Committee member
The Japan Society of Human Resource Management 51th National Convention Program Committee member

Interview media

“Overcoming labor shortages and revitalizing human resources what personnel should do to realize "a breakthrough for middle-aged and senior employees” (People and organizations spoken by key persons in the "Japanese Human Resources Department")
Satoshi Tanaka's serialization project "People who create businesses" (AUBA "TOMORUBA")
Why new business personnel cannot be trained in-house (Direct Sourcing Journal)
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"Executive Development"(by Satoshi Tanaka:University of Tokyo Press)

"Team Working" (by Jun Nakahara and Satoshi Tanaka: JMA Management Center)

“A big study of" people who create businesses” (Satoshi Tanaka and Jun Nakahara: Cross -media Publishing)