SASAKI Hiroshi

Ph.D. (in Economics) Osaka University

SASAKI HiroshiProfessor

Ph.D. (in Economics) Osaka University

My recent interests are digital transformation, IT innovation, data-driven management, and marketing research, based on social sciences (management theories, economics, sociology, etc.). I have been conducting joint research on sustainability / SDGs with my colleagues at Collage of Business. My lab has worked with many companies on new product development, marketing research and high-tech ideathons for over 15 years.

Specialized field

Business administration: Multidisciplinary Research on IT, Information, Organization, Strategy, and Marketing research.

Current Position

Management Department of
Business Administration Graduate School of Business Administration Department of doctoral master's course
Business Administration Graduate School of Business Administration Department of Doctoral Program

Educational background

Completed the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Economics, Osaka University
Completed the master's program at the Graduate School of Management and Policy Science, University of Tsukuba Graduated
from Sophia University

Major Research Achievements

Sasaki, H., Sato, O., and Palvia, P. (2020). Information Technology Issues in Japan, In Palvia, P. et al., (Eds.), The World IT Project: Global Issues in Information Technology ( pp.209-235). World Scientific.
Sasaki, H., Serenko, A., Sato, O., Palvia, P. (2019). Determinants of Job Satisfaction and Turnover Intention of IT Professionals in Japan. 25th Americas Conference on Information Systems, AMCIS 2019 Proceedings (Full paper).
Sasaki, H. (2018). Positioning of Green Information Systems and Technology from an Ecosystem Perspective. Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems, PACIS 2018 Proceedings (Full paper).
Hiroshi Sasaki (2018 ). Global Strategies on Production Base and Dynamic Capabilities: A Case Study of Japanese Small and medium-sized manufacturers. Organizational Science, 51 (4). 77-89.
Sasaki, H., Davis, ST, Suzuki, S. (2020). Visualization of Bi-directional Paths between Corporate Social Performance and Corporate Financial Performance of All Listed Companies in Japan. Asia Pacific Conference on Information Management, APCIM 2020 Proceedings (Full) paper).

Award Funding

Best Paper Award: APCIM 2020 conference

Professional Activities

(a) Business / Education
/ General Incorporated Association Japan Marketing Research Association Director (2019-)
・ Public Interest Incorporated Association Corporate Informatization Association IT Award Jury (2013-)
・ Public Interest Incorporated Association Corporate Informatization Association Big Data Consortium Planning Committee (currently Business Innovation Consortium Planning Committee) (2013-)
・ Japan Economic Organization Federation "Industry-Academia Council on the Future of Recruitment and University Education" "Career Education / Internship Program Development Task Force Member (currently) , "Recruitment / Internship Subcommittee") (2019-)
・ Member of the Career Employment Support Subcommittee of the Japan Private University Federation (Chairman from 2016-2018)・
Member of the Student Committee of the Japan Private University Federation (2018-) )
・ Member of the Employment Affairs Committee of the Japan Private University Association (2018-)

(b)Director of the Society for Information Management (Japan Information Management Society 2013-; Management Information Society 2001-2003, 2007-2009; Japan Management Systems Society 2011- 2016)
・ Journal editorial committee (Management Information Society 2007- ; Japan Management Systems Society 2005- ; Japan Information Management Society)
・ Associate Editors, International Journal of Business Analytics (2014-)

(c) Major industry-academia collaboration
・ 2020: New product development (major restaurant industry)
・ 2020: New business and service proposal (major comprehensive e-commerce)
・ 2019: TOBU x Rikkyo "Halloween School" event held (Tobu Department Store Co., Ltd.)
・ 2019: Nationwide expansion of local station souvenirs Marketing support (Ugokas Co., Ltd.)
・ 2019: Food waste loss problem research (major newspaper company) )
・ 2019: MaaS Ideason (Tobu Railway Co., Ltd., Fujitsu Research Institute Co., Ltd.)
・ 2018: National brand product development support (major wholesale business)
・ 2018: Digital marketing related content creation (MarkeZine: Sho Co., Ltd.) (Swimming company)
・ 2018: New digital business development support (Mainichi Shimbun)
・ 2017: TOBU x Rikkyo collaboration sweets planning and sales (Tobu Department Store Co., Ltd.)
・ 2017: Undercover survey of restaurants (major restaurant chain store)
・ 2016: “TOBU Summer Festival” Summer Festival Event Held (Tobu Department Store Co., Ltd.)
・ 2015: Web App Marketing Policy Proposal (Mainichi Shimbun)
・ 2015: Marketing Research Text Book Publishing (Original Project)
・ 2014 : Ideason for high-tech services (Tobu Railway Co., Ltd., Fujitsu Research Institute Co., Ltd.)
・ 2013, 2014: “Campus Lunch Pack” planning and sales (Yamazaki Bread Co., Ltd.)
・ 2013: Big data analysis (stocks) Company Brainpad, Golf Digest Online Co., Ltd.)
・ 2013: Business plan proposal for home garden lovers (CAC Co., Ltd.)
・ 2012: Industry research using SPEEDA (user base Co., Ltd.)
・ 2012: Web log analysis of major online securities (transcosmos inc.)
・ 2011: Global version development of business tools (Sales Creation Co., Ltd.) )
・ 2007, 2008: Text mining using blog data (Kizashi Company: CAC Co., Ltd.)
・ 2006: Media strategy formulation (major newspaper company)
・ 2005: Toyoshima Ward Shopping Street Research (Toyoshima Ward Living Industry) Section)

(d) Business Seminar / Lecture Related (Big Data Utilization, DX, Marketing Research, etc.)
Big Data & Data Management Exhibition (Lead Exhibition Japan: 2012) Microsoft (2013), transcosmos (2013), Nikkei BP (2013), Hitachi Industry and Distribution Seminar (2013), Fujitsu (2013), CSAJ (2014), Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (2014), New Generation Intelligent City Consortium (2014), Regional Science Research Association Higher Education Information Center (2014) ), All Japan DM Awards (2014), Toppan Forms (2014), Marketing Seminar (2013-2015), Just System (2017), Japan Marketing Research Association (2017-), IT Association (2013, 2018), Business + IT (SB Creative: 2017, 2021), etc.

Interview media

"IoT service creation project that creates new life experiences" (Fujitsu, Fujitsu Research Institute, 2015)
"MarkeZine and Rikkyo University are working on industry-academia collaboration-MarkeZine editorial department and students collaborate to create an article that incorporates the perspective unique to students (MarkeZine, 2019)
"Cross-marketing group participated in industry-academia project" (Cross-marketing, 2018)
"Understanding purchasing desires based on data and creating new value together with companies" (Zemi / Research Muro Navi, Kawai Juku, 2019)
"Efforts for industry-academia collaboration to learn cutting-edge business through theory and practice" (Waseda Academy INFINITY, Vol.11, pp.12-14, 2016) 
"Data-driven management" dismantling new book ( Business + IT, SB Creative, 2021)
"Career support that will not be shaken even during the major turning point of society" (Diamond Online, 2020)


Co-authored: The World IT Project: Global Issues in Information Technology. World Scientific. 2020.

Digital Data and Marketing (Faculty of Business Administration, Rikkyo University, Marketing in the Digital Media Era Chapter 6 127-145. Yoshio Maru Matsudo. 2018)

Sustainability of the Global Environment from the Viewpoint of Systems Theory (Rikkyo University Faculty of Business Administration GBI Theory and Practice Chapter 6 145-166. Yoshio Maru Matsudo. 2016)

Business Model of Service Companies-Value Creation Process- (Yoshiya Teramoto ed. Introduction to Service Management Chapter 8 122-137. Doyukan. 2017)

・ E-business (Shuichi Suzuki, Hiroshi Saito ed. Order and trust in the information society — Companies, law and politics in the IT era — Chapter 5 101-118. Tax Accounting Association. 2006)