KATAOKA Mitsuhiko

Ph.D. (International Development) Nagoya University

KATAOKA MitsuhikoProfessor

Ph.D. (International Development) Nagoya University

I am a development and regional economist specializing in the links between poverty, growth, and inequality. My research interests focus on the integration of development economics and spatial data analysis to derive policy implications for challenges within subnational regions in Japan and Southeast Asian countries. My current research areas include (1) spatial inequality and development, (2) regional economic growth and convergence, (3) structural change and productivity dynamics, and (4) household expenditure distribution. I conduct empirical studies using regional macro and micro data, and I also teach courses on the statistical software Stata.

Specialized field

Regional Economics, Development Economics

Current Position

International Business Department of Business Administration,
Graduate School of International Management Department doctoral master's course
Graduate School of Business Administration Department of Doctoral Program in Business Administration

Educational background

Chuo University Faculty of Law Department of Political Science Graduated
International University Graduate School of International Relations International Development Program (Master's Program) Completed
Nagoya University Graduate School of International Development Department of International Development (Doctor's Program) Completed

Major Research Achievements

Kataoka, M., Darangina A. T. (2023). Imperial Manila syndrome in poverty reduction: a province‑level spatial distribution analysis. Asia-Pacific Journal of Regional Science. (Springer, Japan section of Regional Science Association International)
Kataoka, M. (2022). Cyclical shocks and spatial association of Indonesia's district‐level per capita income. Asian Economic Journal 36(3): 261-287 (Wiley)
Kataoka, M. 2021 Perspiration versus inspiration: sources of national and provincial output growth in Indonesia [1990–2015] using province-level non-parametric frontier analysis, Asia–Pacific Journal of Regional Science 6: 113–139 (Springer, Japan section of Regional Science Association International)
Mendez, C., Kataoka, M., 2020 Disparities in regional productivity, capital accumulation, and efficiency across Indonesia: A club convergence approach, Review of Development Economics (Wiley)
Kataoka, M. 2020 Total factor productivity change in Indonesia's provincial economies for 1990–2015: Malmquist productivity index approach, Letters of Spatial Recourse Science 13 (3): 233–243. (Springer, Regional Science Association International)

Award Funding

Oishi Yasuhiko Award (Outstanding Paper Award) from the Japan Section of the Regional Science Association International(JSRSAI)
Basic Research C 21K01469 DecenPrincipal Investigator: Mitsuhiko Kataoka Research Period: 2021-2025 Research Subject: Regional welfare in Indonesia’s post-decentralization era: district-level panel data analysis
Basic Research C 17K03723 Principal Investigator: Mitsuhiko Kataoka Research Period: 2017-2021 Research Subject: A study on the decentralization of Indonesia and the Philippines and the efficiency of administrative services of local governments
Basic Research C 26380308 Principal Investigator: Mitsuhiko Kataoka Research Period:2014-2016 Research subject: Regional imbalances in element endowment and economic growth
Japan Legal Society Finance, Finance, and Financial Legislation Research Grant Kim Principal Investigator : Mitsuhiko Kataoka 2014 Research Project: Estimate of Indonesia's regional social capital stock and verification of productivity effect
Representative Professor Kodrat WIBOWO, Joint Research Grant, Padjadjaran University, Indonesia 2012 Research Subject: Economic growth and resource allocation in Indonesia's Provinces
Nomura Foundation Overseas Travel Research Report Principal Investigator : Mitsuhiko Kataoka 2010 Research Project: Indonesian economic growth and changes in regional structure

Professional Activities

Research Committee Member, Kyushu Economic Research Center


Regional Inequality and Development: Measurement and Applications in Indonesia