OZAKI Toshiya

Ph.D. The George Washington University

OZAKI ToshiyaProfessor

Ph.D. The George Washington University

"International management" that considers the global management of a company and "Comparative management" that considers the differences in corporate management depending on the country, such as Japanese-style management and American-style management, are theoretical indispensable for such consideration. Engaged in research and education focusing on the three fields of "institutional analysis" based on game theory as a framework. As an application of this, I am also conducting research on diversity management regarding the differences in the utilization of women and foreigners by country, and support activities at NPO corporations based on that research.

Specialized field

International Management, Comparative Management, Institutional Analysis, International Political Economy

Current Position

International Business Department of Business Administration,
Graduate School of International Management Department doctoral master's course
Business Administration Graduate School of Business Administration Department of Doctoral Program

Educational background

Sophia University Faculty of Literature Graduated
The Australian National University Graduate School , Division of Politics Litt.B.,Political Science Completed
The Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies Completed
George Washington University Graduate School,Division of Politics Ph.D

Major Research Achievements

Toshiya Ozaki (2021) Translating Ideas into Value: Diversity and Inclusion Japan Institute for Overseas Investment2021 ( 11 )
Toshiya Ozaki (2020) Is there a “Denmark-style” management model that leads to international competitive advantage? Northern Europe Studies 16
Toshiya Ozaki and Nobuaki Endo (2019) “What Drives Airlines to Make a Cross-Border Investment? Firm-level” Factors and Institutional Factors, ”Journal of Air Transport Studies, 10 (1), 125 – 150.
Toshiya Ozaki (2019) Significance of Diversity Management from a Management Perspective Human Practice 2019: 8
Toshiya Ozaki, Jonathan Doh and Steve McGuire ( 2015) “Global governance and international nonmarket strategies: Introduction to the special issue,” Journal of World business, 50 (2), 256 – 261.

Award Funding

Shipowners at the 6th International Conference for Asian Shipping and Logistics,
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research ( 2021-2025), Japan Society for the Promotion of Science
'Association Prize for the Winner of the Best Paper Award (2013)
Toshiya Ozaki, Naoki Ando and Nobuaki Endo (2014), “Firm-level factor versus national institutional difference: Ownership structure in a foreign subsidiary of a Japanese logistics firm, ”Asian Journal of Shipping and Logistics, 30 (3), 393 – 413.

Professional Activities

Director of NPO J-WIN (2011-2019)
Foreign Trade University (Vietnam Trade University) VJCC Institute Advisory Board (2020-)
Editorial Board Member, Cross Cultural & Strategic Management (2018-)
Editorial Board Member, Copenhagen Journal of Asian Studies ( 2012 ~ 2018)

Interview media

Nikkei Veritas "Promoting Innovation through Chemical Reactions" (March 14, 2021 "Diversity Management Special", page 4)
Ozaburo (Ozaki Blog)
Ozaki Seminar 2021 | Rikkyo Management


Toshiya Ozaki (2017) Introduction to Diversity Management: Diversity as a Management Strategy (Nakanishiya Publishing)

Toshiya Ozaki (2012) “Open trade, closed industry: the Japanese aerospace industry in the evolution of economic nationalism and implications for globalization,” in Anthony D'Costa (ed), Globalization and Economic Nationalism in Asia, (Oxford University Press).

Toshiya Ozaki (2007) Business Globalization, Diversity Management and Leadership, Mikinari Higano, Alan Bird Edition Introductory Business Leadership (Nihon Hyoronsha)